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    Suitable for transportation: Packing shipments aims at preventing them from damage and lost which may be caused by stroke or shake during transit, and preventing shipments from being affected by damp and being stolen as well.
    Easy Load and Unload: Well packed shipments are easy to load and unload, which could improve our working efficiency. It can also minimize the damage caused by third party's rough handling.
    Moderate packing: Proper packing and filling material should be used according to shipments' weight and dimension, which not only can avoid damage caused by insufficient packing but also waste of packing materials.
    Shipment Protection: When packing a shipment, we should not only try to keep the shipment in good condition, but also we should pay attention to making it theft proof, especially for high value shipments.
    Packing and filling materials fitting the shipment: We should make sure that there is no attrition, bump or extrusion within contents of a shipment (assume that there are many contents in one package) or between contents and packing material.
    Direction of shipments: Be sure to lay shipments according to the arrow direction on the package during transit and storage.
    The gravity center of a shipment should be identical to its geometry center: This is to avoid damage when vehicle start-up, swerve, or brake during transportation.